Message from the Director & Board

The first important event in early 2017, was the successful PhD defense of one of our veterinarians at the University of Utrecht.  Later in the year, another PhD defense of a staff-member took place at the University of Groningen. Our scientific output continues steadily and BPRC researchers published several important papers in high ranking journals. One of the highlights was the description of a new orangutan species in Borneo. This study was done in collaboration with members form our Department of Virology. Overall, the BPRC staff published in 2017 52 scientific papers with an average impact factor of 4,5.




Last year the BPRC was several times in the news. Our open-door policy is generally appreciated as is manifested by the BBC documentary “the monkey lab”. Moreover, more than 700 people visited our facilities and premises.

We made progress with regard to animal welfare issues. In 2017 we e.g. focused on further training of the animals to minimize stress during experiments,  started with renewal of the marmoset breeding facility to further optimize housing, and refined our methods for anesthesia of marmosets.

We will strive to improve even further the quality of our work and its results, and will maintain the vision to play a guiding role in the field of Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement, as well as animal welfare.

The Supervisory Board and the director congratulate the scientific and supporting staff with the obtained results and recommend reading this annual report. Of course to scientists, but certainly also to the public, policy makers and politicians.

Prof. dr. R.E. Bontrop
Director of BPRC

Mr. J. Vrolijk
Chairman of the Supervisory Board