Message from the Director & Board

For BPRC, 2018 was another eventful year.

The quality of our scientific output continued to improve, and BPRC researchers published several important papers in high-ranking journals. The average impact factor of these scientific contributions rose from 4.5 to 5.1.




In fact, our research avenues stretch beyond public health. For example, certain research conducted by the Department of Comparative Genetics and Refinement highlights that BPRC is also active in the field of conservation biology. One paper that drew considerable attention concerns the genetic characterization of the immune system repertoire of the bonobo, a sister species of the common chimpanzee. It appears that some of the bonobo’s immune system markers experienced a significant repertoire reduction that was likely caused by a malaria parasite.

Also in 2018, BPRC staff published several research papers in the field of the 3Rs, including refinement of veterinary methods. Other notable events were the invitation for one of our veterinarians to co-organize a meeting on Care, Use and Welfare of marmosets in Washington in 2018 and appointment of the head of the Animal Science Department as part-time Professor in “Welfare of Laboratory Animals” at Utrecht University.

The Supervisory Board and the Director congratulate the scientific and supporting staff on the obtained results, and we recommend reading this annual report.

Prof. dr. R.E. Bontrop
Director of BPRC

Mr. J. Vrolijk
Chairman of the Supervisory Board