Our Financial Results

Foundation Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) closed the fiscal year 2018 with a zero result.

BPRC is a not for profit research institute that breeds its own laboratory animals and maintains its own research program. BPRC conducts biomedical / preclinical research for the identification and development of new medicines and vaccines for chronic and infectious diseases in humans.

BPRC also develops research methods that do not involve animal testing and operates under the highest (inter) national standards for animal welfare.

BPRC has many fixed costs in terms of animal facilities, security, high-quality equipment, feeds and cage enrichment, etc. The current workforce is around 110 FTEs and comprises scientists, veterinarians, pathologists, animal technicians, animal trainers and behavioural experts as well as technical, administrative and financial personnel.

Scientific institutes like BPRC are expensive and are directly or indirectly co-financed by the national governments.