Biomedical research is not a goal. Our goal is to understand diseases and find a cure. We cannot do that alone. That is why we share our results and discuss them with other scientists. Together we know more and that brings us closer to the solution.

We (co-)authored

50 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

Find the complete list here.

we gave online lectures

to train students

at Dutch universities and HBOs on possibilities and restrictions of working with monkeys in research.

We actively

feed our website

with relevant updates.

We organized online

bachelor, master & PhD courses

for future scientists.

During (online)

(inter)national meetings

we present and discuss our results.

We also organize

popular scientific lectures

in understandable Dutch for all BPRC staff.

We active participate in

meetings discussing alternatives

for animal experimentation.

We supervise and train

PhD, master & bachelor students.

After graduation they apply their knowledge elsewhere and contribute to science.

As partner in various research networks

our work is publicly available.